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School Videos

Showcasing your school on the school website is incredibly important these days. Busy parents are more likely to watch a 3 minute video than wade through the prospectus, and prospective students will have access to the web on their phones, tablets and computers.

We have extensive experience of working with schools and will work with you to show the best of your school. Too many school videos are just a series of pretty pictures set to music. Our videos give real information and comment from teachers, students and parents.

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This was one of five videos filmed for Marlborough House School. We filmed for two days and had all the edits ready within a fortnight of filming.

We can work with you to plan your video, film on days to suit the school, then edit your film within days.

We have the skills to do everything in house.


We will visit your school free of charge and discuss how best to get your messages across.

Filming for a standard 4-5 minute video can be done in a day, but normally we will film on two separate days in order to cover everything needed.

There will be minimum disturbance to the school, typically 10 minutes or so in a classroom will give us all we need. This may be a talk with a teacher, students, or just shots of the lesson. Then we can move on to the next location.

We will show the best bits of your school. Our hexacopter can give excellent views of school buildings and sports fields.

Editing is usually completed within a week or two of filming. A viewing copy will be sent, or posted on dropbox, so you can view instantly and advise of any changes needed. You will then receive your master copy in a format for the web, and a full quality version for playing on a big screen / burning to DVD etc.


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